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- Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, as the name implies, the optimization of a website for the search engines. This involves making a website search engine “friendly”, using proper linking techniques to aid the spiders in determining your site’s relevance and optimizing offsite strategy for affecting natural placement.

Search engines use what are known as “spiders” which “crawl” the web collecting information about each website it visits. Making a website search engine friendly really means making it friendly for the spiders that crawl your site. This requires an in-depth understanding of how spiders work, allowing you to code your webpage in such a way that spiders don’t get confused about what your webpage is about

Webmaster Guidelines

10 Basic Rules for Where to Place Your Keywords

First of all, Google and most other search engines do NOT look at the META keyword tag. Many people say not to bother with it, but I use the META keyword tag and I place my keyword phrases in it. Here's why. I use this tag to help me remember what keyword phrases I am optimizing the page for. You'll find this to be a big help later when you have a lot of pages and have forgotten what keyword phrases you were trying to optimize the page for in the first place.

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Creating a Customer Driven Website

First time web developers often don't know what information and how much information to provide when developing their first websites. This guide is meant to quide the novice web designer or small business owner contemplating their first website through the pitfalls of developing a profitable website.

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Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu

SEO Ingilizce karşılığı olan Search Engine Optimization veya Search Engine Optimizer kelimesinin karşılığıdır. Türkçe olarak Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu anlamına gelir. Site yada sayfanız için yaptığınız her türlü optimizasyon işlemin genel adı da denilebilir.



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